Vienne Coat: Part 2 – The Finished Article

In my last post I explained the process I went through in making my Vienne coat, and the changes I made to the pattern (you can read the post here: HERE). Now it is time to share it with you.

So here it is, the finished garment. It was a pretty long make, I only sew at weekends but it took me a whole month to finish. It felt like I spent an age on the prep – amending the pattern, cutting out the fabric (which took so long because of the check matching), overlocking all the edges to try to minimise the fraying, cutting out the lining fabric, interfacing the edges of everything. It felt like a lot of work before I even managed a stitch. But once I started sewing, it all came together really well.

I am so proud of the pattern matching on this coat. I got it matched across the front, down the side seams, and on the pockets. I managed to get it somewhere handy on the sleeves. I even matched the front facings to the front pieces, not that you can see that and not that anyone but me would care!

The fabric came from Minerva, and it was very reasonably priced. It’s quite a loose weave, hence the issues with fraying, but it also ate pins somehow. I would put in a pin and wouldn’t be able to find it later, until I sewed over it and broke a needle, of course. What was happening was the pin head was burying its way into the weave of the fabric. I regret not spending a little more on some slightly sturdier fabric, as I am concerned about how long this coat will last. I’ve put a lot of effort into this make and if the fabric falls apart, I won’t be impressed.

So the big question now. In the previous blog I mentioned I had added belt loops and a belt. I can’t decide whether I prefer it belted or not. Let me know what you think in the comments!

To belt or not to belt?

The other change I am considering is to swap out the snap fastenings for buttons. I think it looks fine as it is, but buttons would look good too. But if I am honest I am a little anxious about the buttonholes, and I might wait and see how the fabric stands up to a bit of wear.

I am glad I decided to make the Vienne coat rather than the Sew Over It 1960s coat with this checked fabric. It was an easier make, and I learnt a lot which has helped me build my confidence such that I am planning to make another coat at some point. The pattern instructions are great, and the video along side it makes all the difference to a visual learner like me.

I still want to make the 1960s coat but I will buy some really good quality tweed (I think maybe Harris Tweed) but in a herringbone pattern so I don’t have to deal with pattern matching!

So, let me know what you think – is it better belted or not? And do I swap out the snaps for buttons? Thanks!

Happy sewing! Gemma x

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